How to Succeed as an IT Project Manager

There are a lot of potential roles in Information Technology. You can be involved in programming or information security. Or, you could take the path of a project manager. So what exactly does a project manager do and how can you succeed in the role. Take a look at the requirements for project managers, how to market yourself, and what you need to know for future success.

  • What degree do you need? Most project managers in information technology will have at least a bachelor’s degree. Advance degrees aren’t necessary, unless that is an interest you want to pursue. There are also many cases where someone with extensive IT experience can move into project management without a bachelor’s.
  • What experience should you have? The primary experience that an IT project manager needs to bring to the table is experience in information technology. You can come from a programming background or a sales engineering background, but you’ll need to have some technical skills to be able to understand the needs of the individuals you’re managing.
  • Do you need certifications? There are a few types of certifications available for project managers. The two most common are the PMP, or Project Management Professional, and the CAPM, or Certified Associate in Project Management. These can help you get your first job, but they aren’t necessarily required if you possess the right skills.
  • What kinds of jobs are available? There are a variety of industries that hire project manager for IT. You may work in infrastructure for a large corporation. Or you may run projects for medical technology environments. Information security is a big industry now, so focusing on project management in that
  • What will I do each day? The daily responsibilities of an IT project manager include:
    • Overseeing every step of an IT project from initiation to closure.
    • Managing the budget for the entire project.
    • Assigning tasks to the right individuals.
    • Consulting with clients and vendors.
    • Preparing the schedule for the complete project.
  • How much can I make? Of course, it is important to know the salary potential of any job field before you decide to pursue it. Money isn’t everything, but a strong salary is never a bad motivator. The actual salary will depend on the specific industry and the area where you live, but in general, the median salary for IT managers is around $80,000. Consult to learn more about the IT management salary expectations in your area.

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